Phytochem Anal. 2011 Jan-Feb;22(1):26-30.
Determination and comparative analysis of major iridoids in different parts and cultivation sources of Morinda citrifolia.
Deng S, West BJ, Palu ‘K, Jensen CJ.

The iridoid contents of noni fruit, leaf, seed, and flower from various locations around the world were determined by chemical analyses. Deacetylasperulosidic acid (DAA) was found to be the major iridoid in noni fruit. In order of predominance, DAA concentrations in different parts of the noni plant were dried noni fruit > fruit juice > seed > flower > leaf > root. The order of predominance for asperulosidic acid (AA) concentration was dried noni fruit > leaf > flower > root > fruit juice > seed. Among the global samples analyzed, noni fruit from French Polynesia contained the highest total iridoid content. (original abstract available at