Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2008 Sep;63(3):141-5.
Hepatic protection by noni fruit juice against CCl(4)-induced chronic liver damage in female SD rats.
Wang MY, Anderson G, Nowicki D, Jensen J.

This study was designed to see if noni juice (TNJ) protects the liver from toxins. It compared the level of carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in a control group, a placebo group and noni group. The placebo and noni groups were fed either the placebo or the noni for 18 weeks.  After the first two weeks, the placebo and noni group animals were exposed to carbon tetrachloride once per week for 12 weeks.  Afterwards, the rats were fed TNJ or placebo for an additional 4 weeks.  Histological examination of the livers was then carried out.  The TNJ group’s liver histology was the same as the control group that had not been exposed to carbon tetrachloride, whereas significant liver damage was observed in the placebo group. The results demonstrate the ability of noni juice to protect the liver.  (view original abstract at