PhD in Agriculture

Country of Origin

Education and Professional Experience
Undergraduate degree in Applied Biological Science, Hiroshima University
Master’s Degree from the School of Agricultural Science, Nagoya University
PhD in Agriculture, the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Gifu University

Dr. Hisanori Tani’s professional experience started at the Institute of Gerontology at Nippon Medical School, where he was involved in pathology training.  He moved on to work for the Milk Industry and later worked as General Managing Director at the Tanglewood, Co. Laboratory, where he dedicated himself to researching the prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases, such as, diabetes mellitus, obesity, hyperlipidemia and allergies by functional food materials

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Journal of Agriculture Food Chemistry, 43(11), 2796-2797 (1995)
Journal of Nutrition Science Vitaminol, 41, 699-706 (1995)
Food Science Technology Research, 6(3), 179-185 (2000)
Food Science Technology Research, 6(4), 275-279 (2000)
Current Microbiology, 44, 212-215 (2002)

Noni Motivation
Dr. Tani originally researched the functional ingredient found in brown seaweed of the South Pacific.  So, when studies on the ancient Polynesian medicine, noni, were brought to light, he was motivated to study the fruit himself.  He discovered studies on the noni fruit and the noni root were already in effect, but the research on the noni leaf was not sufficiently carried out.  As he proceeded to research the noni leaf he learned that it significantly reduced glucose levels in the body, which would possibly prevent lifestyle diseases by drinking a noni leaf tea.

Location/ Hometown
Tokyo, Japan