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Tahitian Noni International

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Education and Professional Experience
Dr. Johannes Westendorf obtained his PhD in Chemistry in 1975, with a thesis about the action of fluorine on mineralization and prophylaxis.  Immediately after, he worked as an Assistant Professor in Pharmacology at the University Medical School in Hamburg.  He later worked at the University’s Toxicological Department founded by Professor Hans Marquardt, who was acting director, as he continued his studies and research in pharmacology.

Now, Dr. Westendorf works as a full-time professor on toxicology and pharmacology in the Medical School at a German University.  Originally, a German author wrote a book about TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and asked Dr. Westendorf to perform toxicological tests on the juice.  This book attracted the attention of Tahitian Noni International, who approached Dr. Westendorf and asked him to do further research on TAHITIAN NONI® Juice.  He worked as a consultant while the company applied for the Novel Food Approval in the EU, which was received in May 2003.

Working as a toxicologist and pharmacologist on noni juice, Dr. Westendorf was surprised to learn that the juice did not show any signs of toxicity, although he did find it to contain a variety of beneficial effects for the human body.  After a study in London where 96 human volunteers showed that amounts of 750 ml of  noni juice per day over a period of four weeks did not show any side effects, the Scientific Committee of the EU stated that TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is safe for human consumption.  This study proved the safety of consumption, even in large amounts.

The Novel Food Approval catalyzed extensive studies of the beneficial effects of noni, many which involve Dr. Westendorf.  One of the main fields of research which Dr. Westendorf is currently participating in involves the hormone-like action of compounds present in noni leaves and noni fruit.

In 2003, Dr. Westendorf started an epidemiological survey on noni users.  They have obtained an excellent overview of why people take noni and which benefits they experience.

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Dr. Westendorf has conducted research in the field of: basic cancer research, side reaction of cytostatic drugs, and design of non carcinogenic antitumor agents, natural compounds with genotoxic properties (example anthraquinones), natural and industrial compounds acting as hormones, environmental toxicology.

Noni Motivation
(Along with the many reported benefits of noni users) “I too have found significant beneficial effects in my own health. I feel that the noni plant is really fascinating and it will keep me and many other scientists busy for several years.”

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